BMW ready for Gridio’s smart charging
Konrad Hanschmidt
April 19, 2023

Gridio now supports BMW smart charging!

Dear BMW electric vehicle owners, we’re excited to bring Gridio’s smart charging support to your BMW, helping you save money while using the most affordable and clean electricity available.

Getting started is simple! Download the Gridio app for iOS or Android here, and enjoy the seamless integration of automatic smart charging with your BMW.

Many Gridio users have already experienced the benefits of our our app, achieving notable savings and helped us tailor the service also to BMWs. By intelligently scheduling your charging to the most cost-effective periods, Gridio can in many cases help you save more than 30% off the electricity price on charging (excluding network fees and taxes). This allows you to stay ahead in an increasingly volatile electricity market and make the most of your EV ownership .

What makes Gridio truly smart is its ability to recognize your home location and only enables smart charging at that spot. If you plug in at a friend’s place or at a public charger, smart charging is automatically disabled, ensuring a seamless user experience. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Gridio app for iOS or Android.
  2. Connect your BMW to Gridio using BMW’s secure login page within the app.
  3. Set your smart charging time window, desired departure time, and home location.

NB! For some users Gridio shows it is unable to find your car. In this case, we recommend you log out of your MyBMW app, log in again - it will ask for your password to be reset - after the reset, try again in Gridio and it should work!

Once you’re set up, Gridio handles the rest. Gridio will pause charging when electricity prices are high and resume when prices are lower, ensuring your battery is fully charged by your specified time. Monitor your smart charging performance and electricity prices in the Gridio app. If you need immediate charging within your set time window, there is a button for that in the app.

Join us on our journey to enable the EV revolution by ensuring charging happens when it makes most sense - above all for you and your wallet, but also for the the grid and the planet.  
Looking forward to help many BMW owners join our growing fleet of smart charging EVs.

Konrad from Gridio

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