Gridio Smart Charging FAQ

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What is Smart Charging?

The Gridio app allows you to automatically charge your electric vehicle when it makes most sense. Gridio shifts your charging to the hours with the cheapest electricity which are usually also the cleanest - all without any extra hardware. All you need to do is connect your vehicle to your Gridio account, set the smart charging window and location where we do our magic. By your desired time, your vehicle will be charged up to your required level with the most affordable electricity.

How do I get started with Smart Charging?

Our aim is to make Smart Charging as easy to set up as possible. As a first step you should download our app and create your account. In the app, you can easily set up your smart charging schedule, track electricity prices, your energy consumption and your Smart Charge savings.

All you need to use the service is a Tesla vehicle, that you charge mostly in the same location (such as your home or summer house), and for your electricity contract to be based on Nordpool variable (wholesale market) rates. This enables you to benefit from lower cost hours during the day, which Gridio will shift your charging times to.

It does not matter which charger you use and you do not require any additional hardware - it is all done wirelessly.

Which countries is Smart Charging available in?

Smart Charging is available in the following countries:

  • Sweden

  • Finland

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

We will be expanding to other regions as well, so if your country is not listed, then do come back and check on our progress.

Do I need a variable (wholesale) electricity price tariff based on Nordpool prices?

Yes, while you can still Smart Charge with a fixed price contract, in order to get real-life savings, you should switch over to a variable (wholesale) price contract based on Nordpool prices. So when electricity is cheap (and usually clean) we will maximise your charging and when prices rise, we will avoid charging - unless you really need to.

How to connect your Tesla to Gridio?

After you have downloaded our app and set up your account, you can go to Add Connection to link your Tesla account. You are then redirected to Tesla's official authentication site, where you are prompted for your Tesla username and password. Upon authentication, we receive a secure token from Tesla, which is used to communicate with your car. We  only use the necessary information from your vehicle, such as charging speed, battery status and charging location to deliver savings for you and the environment.

What vehicles do you support?

Gridio Smart Charge is currently only available for Tesla owners, but do not worry - we will soon add new brands to our app in orderbring Smart Charging to as many electric vehicle owners as possible.

How do I set up Smart Charging?

Setting up Smart Charging is very easy. After you have downloaded our app and set up your account, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Add your Tesla Connection, using your Tesla credentials.

  • Step 2: Select which vehicle in your account you want to Smart Charge (we currently only enable one vehicle per account).

  • Step 3: Set up  Smart Charging

    • Smart Charge Start time - this indicates the time every day, when smart charging starts. After this time, we will automatically only allow your vehicle to charge at the cheapest and, on average the cleanest, hours prior to the Smart Charge Complete time. We recommend setting this time to a period after which you are unlikely to go on a long drive. After this hour, your vehicle may not immediately start charging using Smart Charge when electricity prices are high.

    • Smart Charge Complete time - this indicates the time every day, by which we will Smart Charge your vehicle up to the maximum limit set in your Tesla app. In between the Smart Charge Complete and Smart Charge Start time we do not limit the charging in any way, e.g. if Smart Charge Complete time is set to 08:00 and Smart Charge Start time to 15:00 the vehicle can charge freely between 08:00 and 15:00.

    • Set Smart Charge location. Gridio Smart Charges only in one location, usually your home. When your vehicle is parked at home, even if unplugged, click on the location icon and we will automatically only apply Smart Charging when your lovely Tesla is plugged in at the same spot.

    • Enable Smart Charge. After toggling this function, your Tesla is ready for smart charging - giving you a charged up battery by your Smart Charge Complete time. You can always pause the smart charge in case you need immediate charging, by using the slider at the bottom of the app. This will temporarily turn off smart charging for 24h and allow your vehicle to charge without Gridio making any adjustments.

Why is my Tesla still charging after plugging in when prices are high?

For the first two to three minutes after plugging in, Gridio creates your upcoming smart charging schedule and fetches your battery information. After we have a reliable reading of your upcoming charging needs, we then stop the charging if prices are high, or allow it to continue to charge when it is the best time to do so. This way we can ensure the most optimal charging in the upcoming hours.

Will my battery always be full?

Our smart algorithms will always ensure that your vehicle is charged up by the Smart Charge Complete time - to your set maximum charge limit in the Tesla app. This assumes that there are enough hours between when you plug in and your Smart Charge Start time for your Tesla to charge the amount required. 

How do I remove my Tesla from Smart Charging?

In order to manage your connections and pairings, you can click on the Connections menu in your Account settings. From there you can either unpair your vehicle (in case you for example change vehicles) or disconnect your Tesla account. 

How do I disable Smart Charging?

We recommend keeping Smart Charge enabled all the time to enable savings for your wallet and the environment. However, in case you need immediate charging, you can pause Smart Charging using the slider at the bottom of the app. This will temporarily turn off smart charging for 24 hours and allow your vehicle to charge without Gridio making any adjustments.

I need immediate charging, what do I do?

In case you need immediate charging, you can use the Pause  functionality by using the slider at the bottom of the app. This will temporarily turn off smart charging for 24 hours and allow your vehicle to charge without Gridio making any adjustments.

I have Tesla’s in-car “Scheduled Charging” or “Off-Peak Charging” already enabled, what should I do?

Gridio’s Smart Charging creates real-time charging schedules for your Tesla, based on electricity prices as well as your battery charge level. Therefore, we recommend disabling both the Scheduled Charging and Off-Peak Charging feature (available through Scheduled Departure). For more information, see below:

Tesla’s in-car Scheduled Charging determines what time the car should start charging (not accounting for electricity prices). Gridio has this feature already built-in automatically by first receiving on how many hours of charging is required from the Tesla, and then creating a charging schedule based on the lowest prices available before your Smart Charge Complete Time. So even if the lowest cost-electricity is at a different time every night, we ensure your car benefits from it and therefore we recommend disabling this feature.

Tesla’s in-car Off-Peak Charging works the other way - it tells your Tesla the time at which it should stop charging, based on when off-peak prices usually end. Again, Gridio’s real-time Smart Charging schedule does this automatically, by ensuring your car hits its desired charge level, based on hourly Nordpool electricity prices (and not by a fixed certain time of night). And again, we recommend disabling this feature as a result.

How do you calculate my savings?

On the front page of the app you can see your daily savings. In order to see more detailed data you can click on the chart. We calculate the savings by comparing how your Tesla would have charged, immediately after plugging in, versus the cost of electricity we achieved using Smart Charging.

Please note that the costs of charging only include the electricity component of your bill, which represents the electricity price of Nordpool in your region. We exclude any electricity taxes and network fees from our savings calculation.

How does Smart Charging help make the world greener?

By using Gridio Smart Charge, you contribute to a greener and cleaner electricity sector in two main ways:

Firstly, usually when people return home and plug in their vehicle for charging during peak hours is when everybody else is also using more electricity. By avoiding charging during these hours, you alleviate the strain on the grid, reduce the need for fossil fuel power plants and help bring down the electricity price not just for yourself but for everyone in our community.

Secondly, by enabling Gridio to shift your charging to cheaper hours, which are usually at night or other off-peak hours, you're also able to use up more low-carbon energy. This means that it is less likely that wind and solar power go underutilised and you also benefit from lower prices. Gridio has done deep analysis on this and we have confirmed that low prices are positively correlated with a lower carbon intensity of electricity - meaning that it benefits both your wallet and the environment to charge at the right time. 

How does Smart Charging impact my carbon footprint?

On average, charging your vehicle when electricity is cheap, also means you are consuming cleaner electricity. Gridio Smart Charge automatically shifts your vehicle charging to the cheapest hours, which are usually also the time periods with the lowest carbon intensity - thanks to a higher share of wind, solar and sometimes nuclear power providing the electricity.

Our team has done statistical analysis on the relationship between electricity prices and the carbon footprint of electricity which indicates that usually the lower the electricity price, the cleaner the electricity is that is used to charge your vehicle - meaning that you lower the carbon footprint of your driving and also reduce the need for fossil fuel power plant generation by automatically avoiding expensive hours of electricity. 

How does Smart Charging save me money?

Gridio Smart Charge automatically and seamlessly charges your Tesla at the cheapest hours of electricity to give you a full charge by your desired time. Our smart algorithms use the information from your vehicle on the time required to reach your maximum charging limit and during the Smart Charge window, stop your vehicle from charging when prices are high and enable charging to occur during the cheapest hours, by making real-time assessments of your vehicle’s upcoming charging requirements. 

Does the service drain my battery? Can my Tesla still fall asleep?

We care about the sleep quality of your Tesla! The phenomenon called “vampire drain” is a known issue when using Tesla APIs. We minimise such drain on your vehicle’s battery by letting the car to go to sleep mode when no immediate smart charge activity is needed. For instance, when the vehicle is not at the designated charging location or is outside the smart charge window then we do not interfere with the vehicle in order to let it go to sleep mode. Additionally, when smart charge is active but we have delayed the charging to a later hour, we also let the vehicle take an additional nap before the scheduled charging time slot arrives.

Can the service damage my car battery?

No. Gridio Smart Charge sets charging schedules in a similar way as the Tesla app would, except in real-time and dynamically, and therefore we do not do anything that would damage your vehicle battery. Using Gridio Smart Charge does not impact your vehicle warranty, and such 3rd party services are in compliance with Tesla’s user agreements. 

Where can I get the Gridio app?

The Gridio app is currently available only on iOS and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store

How much does the service cost?

Gridio is currently welcoming users to try out the app free of charge as part of a special early access. In return, we may bug with occasional requests for feedback to improve the service.

Our long term goal is to help Gridio customers not just save on electricity prices, but to actually earn money by being smart and flexible with their charging. The renewables-packed grid of the future will need it.

Can I use Gridio Smart Charge with multiple cars?

Gridio Smart Charge currently allows only a single vehicle to be connected per account. We are working on also enabling more than one vehicle to be added.

Can I use Gridio Smart Charge with multiple home locations?

Gridio Smart Charge currently enables only one Smart Charge Location. You can update the location if you go to your summer house or other location where you want Smart Charging to occur by updating the location on your Tesla page in the app. We are working on adding more locations in the future.

How do you ensure my account details are kept safe?

At Gridio we take security very seriously and continue to look for opportunities to make improvements.

Below we share how we obtain, store and utilise the data for Smart Charge.


  • Gridio uses Amazon’s AWS platform and infrastructure with two factor authentication for access.

  • All consumption data is stored in an encrypted RDS database that is not publicly accessible.

  • All non-time series metadata such as vehicle name, color are stored in encrypted Dynamo database, that is not publicly accessible.

Application Security:

  • Application servers can be accessed only via HTTPS. We use industry standard encryption for data traversing to and from the application servers.

  • Gridio app and web services use industry standard Oauth2 for user authentication and access control.

  • XSS – All user inputs are properly encoded when displayed to ensure XSS vulnerabilities are avoided.

  • CSRF – All POST requests are checked for CSRF token before processing the request.

  • SQL Injection – Prepared statements are used for database access to avoid SQL Injection.

Tesla API Token:

  • username and passwords used to create a token are never saved or stored on Gridio.

  • Full support for accounts with two factor authentication is enabled.

  • Tesla API tokens are not displayed on Gridio anywhere by default and are stored in encrypted format.

  • At expiry the API tokens are updated by Gridio in order to retain access. This update cycle can be broken by simply changing your password.

  • Gridio controls and scheduling are not enabled by default and cannot be enabled without generating or providing a new API token.

  • Remote start of Tesla vehicles require both the Tesla API token and the credentials.  Gridio is unable to remotely start a vehicle as credentials are not stored.

  • Tesla API Tokens can be revoked at any time by changing your password.

How do I delete my Gridio account?

In order to delete your Gridio account, please email us at and we will delete your account and associated data at the earliest convenience.

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