Gridio and TotalEnergies are revolutionizing EV charging!
Sven-Olof Englund
November 17, 2023

Gridio, a provider of intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles, is thrilled to announce an innovative partnership with TotalEnergies by launching the SmartCharge+ app for TotalEnergies customers in France. This smart charging app is designed for residential customers owning an electric vehicle, helping them to reduce their electricity bills and minimize the carbon footprint.

From now on, some TotalEnergies customers who own an electric vehicle and a "Charge’Heures" contract will be able to use SmartCharge+ to shift their charges to the cheapest times (super off-peak hours). Thus, the SmartCharge+ app takes into account the battery level, the driver's needs and electricity rates to intelligently manage electric vehicle charging.

SmartCharge+ takes advantage of the lowest rates
What sets SmartCharge+ apart is its ability to consider the vehicle's battery charge level when it is plugged in. If the battery is relatively full, the app favors super off-peak hours (2:00-6:00) to take advantage of the lowest available rates. If the driver plugs in their vehicle with an empty battery, then SmartCharge+ charges the battery during off-peak hours, and if necessary, during peak hours, to ensure the vehicle is charged in the morning.

Drivers who wish to avoid peak rates (peak hours) can set the app to charge only during super off-peak hours, which is ideal for drivers who frequently charge and want to maximize their savings.

SmartCharge+ also provides detailed summaries of charging sessions, highlighting the savings made daily, weekly, and monthly on electricity costs, thus enhancing the app's appeal.

Charge with the cleanest electricity
TotalEnergies, aware of the rapid adoption of EVs in France, is determined to improve customer satisfaction by minimizing the impact of EV charging on their energy bills. Moreover, off-peak and super off-peak rates generally correspond to less CO2-emitting electricity. According to Gridio's analysis, in 2023, the share of fossil fuel use for electricity production during super off-peak hours was 10% lower compared to evening peak periods, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of EV charging.

Gridio is proud to introduce this revolutionary technology to the market in partnership with TotalEnergies. This partnership is the result of the experimentation conducted within the company's start-up acceleration program, TotalEnergies On, of which Gridio is a member of the 3rd cohort.

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