Gridio now proud official third-party app provider for all Teslas
Sven-Olof Englund
November 27, 2023

Gridio has a long and successful history of integrating Tesla to our smart charging service.
Now, we are happy to announce that Gridio has become an official third-party app for Tesla, which we are integrating to our smart charging service to further improve our EV customers' charging experience.

The introduction of Tesla's own and well documented API will further improve our ability to help Tesla owners optimize their charging times and save money on electricity bills while reducing CO2 and help stabilizing the electric grid.

Safely connected for the future

With Tesla's new API, Gridio will be able to establish an even more reliable and predictable connection with Tesla´s fleet of cars. Getting access to the official Tesla API will also mean a more transparent and robustintegration of Tesla cars to Gridio. Additionally this also adds possibilities to explore new ways to smart control the energy of Tesla cars and batteries in the future.

Gridio has already started the work on the transition to fully support Tesla new API and an update to Gridio services that has all the benefits from it will be out soon.

We are excited to see Tesla make this milestone and hope it will give an even more enjoyable Gridio smart charging experience for our Tesla users as well as lead way for more car manufacturers to follow and make smart charging with Gridio a great addition to their cars.

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