Hyundai & Kia are now available on Gridio!
Konrad Hanschmidt
February 11, 2022

This comes on top of Tesla, Volkswagen ID. and Škoda smart charging announced to-date!

iOS version of the app here, and Android version here

Dear Hyundai and Kia drivers!

We are happy to announce that you can now automatically smart charge your Hyundai or Kia with Gridio using the cheapest (and usually cleanest) electricity. You can download the iOS version of the app here, and Android version hereand try it out yourself.

Our early access Hyundai and Kia users have been smart charging for several weeks now and have been happy with the product and savings. So we are making it available for everyone.

In the past 30 days, our Hyundai and Kia smart chargers have been able to save on average 35% off the electricity price of charging (excluding network fees and taxes), by allowing Gridio to automatically instruct the car to commence charging when prices are the lowest. With electricity markets being increasingly volatile, it certainly pays to wait for the right moment to charge!

How does it work?

First of all — you do not need to install any new devices — all you need is your lovely Hyundai or Kia and our app, which you can download here (iOS) and here(Android). Your car needs to have Blue link or Kia Connect compatibility and the latest firmware installed in the in-car dashboard.

After downloading the app, you connect your car to Gridio using Hyundai or Kia’s Connect page in the app; set your smart charging time window, your home charging location — and you’re all set up! Now, when you plug in at home and electricity prices are high, we will stop the charging session within a few minutes*, and start it when electricity prices are their lowest ahead of your departure time — while ensuring your battery is charged up by your desired time. As of now, we need to do some estimations of your charging speed, so it may not be 100% accurate — however, this will not have an impact on smart charging itself.

*Please note that it could take up to 10 minutes for the car to inform us that charging has in fact started before we can stop it.

Gridio with a Hyundai connected

You can keep track of your smart charging performance as well as electricity prices through our app!

Note: Smart charging is only enabled at your defined home location, if you charge elsewhere, we will not interfere. If you need immediate charging any time in the time window, then you can simply pause our service from the bottom of the app.

We look forward to welcoming you or your friends and family to smart charge with Hyundai and Kia using Gridio — as the more smart chargers, the better for the grid and the planet.

Happy smart charging!

Konrad from Gridio

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