Make the Most of Your Solar Energy with Gridio: Power Your EV for Less!
Sven-Olof Englund
May 22, 2023

Maximize your solar savings now - connect your inverter with Gridio today!

Are you getting the most out of your solar panels? As a savvy energy consumer, you may have noticed that the price of electricity often dips close to, or even below zero when solar production is at its peak. That means you could be selling your surplus solar energy back to the grid for next to nothing. But what if there was a better way to use your solar production?

Enter Gridio’s innovative solar-charging feature

With Gridio, you can maximize your solar investment and power your EV for less.
Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect your car and solar inverter to Gridio.
  2. Set your solar-charging limits. Gridio will automatically start charging your car whenever your solar panels produce more energy than your household needs.
  3. Let Gridio do the rest. The next time your car is parked at home and your panels are soaking up the sun, your car will start charging automatically – no input needed from you.

By charging your EV with your solar surplus, you’re not only reducing the need to buy energy in the future, but you’re also avoiding distribution fees.

Gridio supports a range of inverters, including Fronius, Huawei (FusionSolar), Growatt, SMA and Ferroamp. We’re constantly working on adding more, so stay tuned!

Ready to get more out of your solar energy?

Connect your inverter with Gridio today and turn your excess solar into cheap electric-kilometers on the road!

Join the smart energy revolution with Gridio. The future is bright, and it’s powered by the sun. Download the Gridio app for iOS or Android.

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