Welcome to Gridio 4.0. Your favorite smart charging app just got a boost!
Sven-Olof Englund
October 11, 2023

Welcome to the freshly updated Gridio app, with the latest 4.0 version promising enhanced user experience and functionality. Our philosophy is to build for our users, so we listened to you and came up with a new and better version of the Gridio app. We hope you really like it!

Let's take a quick tour to see what’s been revamped:

Fresh Design: The first thing you'll notice is our new clean and crisp design. The home page has been polished to be more informative and to ensure you you’re always up-to-date with what Gridio is doing with your car.

Separated Views: We've made navigation smoother by dividing the home page and Hhappy Hhours views. This distinction makes it easier to quickly locate and access the features you love.

Know when the car will charge: A significant addition to our graph is the introduction of 'planned charging bars'. Now, you can get a more comprehensive overview of when Gridio intends to charge your car.

Know what Gridio is doing: Stay informed and confident in your energy-saving journey! We've integrated Gridio statuses directly into the home screen so you're always aware of how Gridio is working behind the scenes to optimize your energy consumption.

More Pause Options: Now, you have more flexibility in pausing Gridio. Select the time you need, or decide yourself when you're ready to resume Gridio’s services.

Improved Price Visibility: We have added the maximum price indicator to the graph, so you can easily see how it compares with upcoming electricity prices.

Multiple vehicles support: We have added support for multiple vehicles so you can add several cars and get car specific information on the home screen and graph

Advanced Happy Hours View: Our enhanced Happy Hours view not only showcases electricity prices but also empowers you to efficiently plan energy consumption for any of your household devices. Simply adjust the hours as needed, so you can schedule and schedule the appliances to work on at the lowest electricity price.

Guided Experience: We have added walkthroughs and more tooltips to give transparency how Gridio Smart Charging works

This is definitely not the end of our journey, there is still plenty to improve and build. We thank all of our users who have given us feedback in any shape or form. If you wish to tell us what you think, contact us at support@gridio.io

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